Voter Education

Step 1: Register to Vote!

Go to <>, or contact me <here> (if you live in Harris County, Waller County, Fort Bend County, or Montgomery County). I am a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar in those counties, so I can meet you somewhere to register you to vote.

Step 2: Check Your Voter Registration! Make Sure it is Correct!

If you live in Harris County, TX, check your voter registration <here>. It tells you your elected officials. If you live in other counties, check your registration on the Texas Secretary of state’s website <here>. Use the Name, County, Date selection criteria to look it up. Make sure everything is current! If you have moved within the same county, you can update your registration online. You must update your registration whenever you move because you most likely will be represented by different elected officials, and your voting locations on election day may be different. If you go to the wrong location, they will send you to the right one, which would be having you run all over the county. Or they can have you vote a provisional ballot, in which case, your vote might not be counted. DON”T DO IT! Make sure your registration is correct more than 30 days prior to the election.

Step 3: Research!

What districts are you in? Who Represents you?

Sample Ballots help you research candidates and issues so you are an in informed voter. Print them out so you have a guide you can write on when you go to the polls.

Step 4: Voting Methods and Locations.

How do you get to cast your ballot?

At your precinct polling place.

Early Voting

Vote by Mail

Step 5: Who and What Issues Won?

How do you find out the outcome of an election?

Step 6: Hold your Elected Officials Accountable:

How do you contact your elected officials?

Who is the best person in your elected officials office for you to talk to?